Not a drop of booze, yet am drunk. No iota of drugs, yet stoned like a skunk. Bestowed on our world is a wide-eyed dream — Mo Salah, you’re our valorous king.   LivRoma Bestow


Sorry, Asifa

  Our depleted conscience will, some day, sink deep in the earth and await the world’s end. We’ll be a sea of dead pigs walking in the garb of men. Conscience? What’s that? All we care for is the head to be held high - not our’s, but Napoleon’s head. We adorn him with the … Continue reading Sorry, Asifa

A Tribute to Joy Goswami

Sorry, this one’s in Bengali 😉   কাফকা নামের কেকটি খেতে যেদিন পৌঁছে গেলাম মন্জিনিসের ঘরে আমার নিজের মেঘবালিকা সেদিন চড়লো এসে মাঝরাতেতে ঘাড়ে. ফুঁ মেরে এক ক্যান্সারেতে ঘুম তাড়িয়ে বললাম আমি, “মেঘ হয়েছিস, বৃষ্টি হবি? দিস ভিজিয়ে মনের জমি?” সে বললো, “বৃষ্টি হবো নাকো, তার বদলে বাদলা হাওয়া হয়ে তোমার মনে বৈব সারাদিন, জাগিয়ে … Continue reading A Tribute to Joy Goswami

A Brief History of my Disintegrated Childhood

Ronaldo comes with a “Christiano” tag these days. Paolo Maldini runs a fashion brand now. Romario and Bebeto score goals in history books. Lance Armstrong is screwed, so are Michael Schumacher and Tiger Woods - by different means and magnitudes. This was my idea of James Bond: They say he’ll look like this in the … Continue reading A Brief History of my Disintegrated Childhood


One afternoon a vagabond dragging blissful puffs off his cheap cigarettes, will be oblivious to the erstwhile caterpillar flapping its satin winglets to leave its cocoon and fly off and suck dry all hints of a civilization that lets its clueless children cry and unceremoniously die. Hello WordPress, it has been a while. Post written … Continue reading Dismay