The First Bald Step and How it Fizzled Out

On 30th June 2016, Gurpreet Sandhu became the first Indian to play at the UEFA Europa League qualifying round when he started for Stabæk F.C. against Connah’s Quay. This article, however, is not about him. This is rather about the first Indian to have played abroad. Yes, an Indian had played for Celtic. The same … Continue reading The First Bald Step and How it Fizzled Out


Imran Khan Reaches Out to PM Modi

Times of UNESCO


Recently elected Pakistan PM Imran Khan has come up with a seemingly beautiful offer to India’s prime minister Narendra Modi. He made this proposal on his first official call to the Indian PM on Saturday.

His suggestion sounds unique and out of the box in many ways. If implemented, it has the potential to put the long running Indo-Pak tension surrounding Kashmir to a permanent rest. In fact, not just the Kashmir issue, but several other deadlocks may be broken following frutification of the Pak PM’s suggestion.

Being an erstwhile cricketer, the new PM’s proposal centres around the gentleman’s game. He suggests that India and Pakistan play a ten over veterans’ cricket match with the following rules:

  • Only two people bat for each side
  • Only two people bowl for each nation
  • While the four above mentioned players need to be veterans, the rest of the fielding side will comprise of…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Work Out

Satire 🙂

Times of UNESCO

1. It takes a lot of time. They say time is money. Stop being the prodigal son. Save some time aka money. In case you don’t know about the prodigal son, invest some time in learning about him
2. It consumes a lot of energy. Energy is precious.We all need to consume it for our own good
3. It takes a lot of patience. You may run out of it. That may lead to severe consequences like falling out with your significant other, spat with the guy at the petrol pump, arguments with your boss that may have far-fetched consequences. You would be safer with some of your patience intact
4. It’s unhygienic in a way. You sweat a lot while working out. Sweat is gross. You should never sweat. Besides, sweat stains on your brand new Cristiano Ronaldo shirt? Can you afford that? Ever?
5. It affects your personality.

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A Tribute to Joy Goswami

Sorry, this one’s in Bengali 😉   কাফকা নামের কেকটি খেতে যেদিন পৌঁছে গেলাম মন্জিনিসের ঘরে আমার নিজের মেঘবালিকা সেদিন চড়লো এসে মাঝরাতেতে ঘাড়ে. ফুঁ মেরে এক ক্যান্সারেতে ঘুম তাড়িয়ে বললাম আমি, “মেঘ হয়েছিস, বৃষ্টি হবি? দিস ভিজিয়ে মনের জমি?” সে বললো, “বৃষ্টি হবো নাকো, তার বদলে বাদলা হাওয়া হয়ে তোমার মনে বৈব সারাদিন, জাগিয়ে … Continue reading A Tribute to Joy Goswami

A Brief History of my Disintegrated Childhood

Ronaldo comes with a “Christiano” tag these days. Paolo Maldini runs a fashion brand now. Romario and Bebeto score goals in history books. Lance Armstrong is screwed, so are Michael Schumacher and Tiger Woods - by different means and magnitudes. This was my idea of James Bond: They say he’ll look like this in the … Continue reading A Brief History of my Disintegrated Childhood