A Parched Lament

The rain came again last night

and it brought you

after twenty years.

While the thick needles

plunged from the sky and

hit the earth – its buildings, roads

and the cold dry stones shed tears,

you floated through my door

to quench my eyes.

My tired eyes rose to see you

saunter in and hold my hands

as my heart leapt a dozen feet

and my arms wrapped you in an

embrace as your nails tore my back.

The rain played its clarinet

through the long night, and

we made unreserved love.

Your soft skin adored me while

your eyes caressed mine

and your lips clasped my heart.

At last, before I drooped asleep,

I did hear the rain slacken.

In the morning, I rose to see

you gone – like a finished dream.

Also did you carry the rain away.

The neighbourhood, already dark

with some corners but moist from last night,

longs for the next rainfall.


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