It’s the kingdom of beans,
and beans are its prey.
It’s the era of shrimps,
and shrimps are at bay.
For every inch you tend to fly,
stick to the manual,
don’t stray.
For your meagre beanhood’s
sake, don’t stray.

It’s the kingdom of beans,
beans we all are.
Beans we ever tend to stay –
rich or ripped ass poor.
If you ever aspire to sprout,
they won’t even show the door.
Highway not an option,
consequences galore.

They’ll ram you,
split you and
incise through
your skin and
leave you to rot
to a pinch of dirt.

You ask me who they are?
Of course, they’re beans.
In fact, they’re the more equal beans.
Remember Orwell’s Napoleon?
All beans are equal,
but some are more equal.




Laments of a Venus Fly Trap

Lured by Miss Havisham’s quirkbox,
Philip messed his doe-eyed childhood.
The sight of gran’s pink dress
almost killed little Red Riding Hood.

Love kills black widow spiders –
lovers turn dish for their partners.

For some never committed vice,
Desdemona paid with her life.

It’s a big world, a bad world –
a whacking weird one each day.
Love makes some hay before
betrayal shoves it away.

A Brief History of my Disintegrated Childhood

Ronaldo comes with a “Christiano” tag these days.


Paolo Maldini runs a fashion brand now. Romario and Bebeto score goals in history books. Lance Armstrong is screwed, so are Michael Schumacher and Tiger Woods – by different means and magnitudes.

This was my idea of James Bond:


They say he’ll look like this in the near future:


Heath Ledger is dead, and so is the red colour from this picture:


Kevin from Home Alone seems to be hellbent on resembling Stephen Hawking sans motor neuron disease:


Talking of Stephen Hawking, he left the world today without so much of a noise.


One afternoon, a vagabond
dragging blissful puffs off
his cheap cigarettes,
will be oblivious
to the erstwhile
flapping its satin winglets
to leave its cocoon and fly
off and suck dry
all hints of a civilization that
lets its clueless children cry
and unceremoniously die.


Hello WordPress, it has been a while.

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