Imran Khan Reaches Out to PM Modi

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Recently elected Pakistan PM Imran Khan has come up with a seemingly beautiful offer to India’s prime minister Narendra Modi. He made this proposal on his first official call to the Indian PM on Saturday.

His suggestion sounds unique and out of the box in many ways. If implemented, it has the potential to put the long running Indo-Pak tension surrounding Kashmir to a permanent rest. In fact, not just the Kashmir issue, but several other deadlocks may be broken following frutification of the Pak PM’s suggestion.

Being an erstwhile cricketer, the new PM’s proposal centres around the gentleman’s game. He suggests that India and Pakistan play a ten over veterans’ cricket match with the following rules:

  • Only two people bat for each side
  • Only two people bowl for each nation
  • While the four above mentioned players need to be veterans, the rest of the fielding side will comprise of…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Work Out

Satire 🙂

Times of UNESCO

1. It takes a lot of time. They say time is money. Stop being the prodigal son. Save some time aka money. In case you don’t know about the prodigal son, invest some time in learning about him
2. It consumes a lot of energy. Energy is precious.We all need to consume it for our own good
3. It takes a lot of patience. You may run out of it. That may lead to severe consequences like falling out with your significant other, spat with the guy at the petrol pump, arguments with your boss that may have far-fetched consequences. You would be safer with some of your patience intact
4. It’s unhygienic in a way. You sweat a lot while working out. Sweat is gross. You should never sweat. Besides, sweat stains on your brand new Cristiano Ronaldo shirt? Can you afford that? Ever?
5. It affects your personality.

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Liebstar Award Nomination

Wow! Thanks, Imran Saeed, for nominating me.

Let me answer your questions first:

What do you enjoy most about blogging? Meeting different people from all across the planet.
If you had a chance to bring back one of the greatest names of literature that are deceased so they could groom you, who would it be and why?
Emily Bronte. Her untimely death was a loss to the world and, if given the opportunity, I’d have her resurrected to train me on writing such mesmerising, tormenting epics.
Have you ever lost track of time while reading a piece of literature or book? Tell us its title if the answer is yes.
Multiple times. It happened in childhood while reading Enid Blyton, Hardy Boys or (later) Treasure Island and Great Expectations. It happens every time I read a novel. The last time it happened was while reading Exit West.
If you had the skills of Cobb from the movie Inception and enough resources to incept everyone in the world, what ideas would you plant in their minds? To donate generously for impoverished people. While everyone needn’t live in a bed of roses, the basic human needs, namely food and adequate shelter need to be made available for everyone irrespective of the families they chose (?) to born in.
If you could adopt the life of any character you’ve ever read about in a book who would it be? I’m always a hopeless romantic like Philip Pirrip.

I’d like to nominate the following bloggers:

Hasan Zada

Kathleen Jennette

Ekta Singh

Rudra Makwana


Aishwarya Kannan


Here are the questions for my nominees:

What brought you to blogging?

What’s your writing/blogging goal for 2018?

Which novel agitated or shook you up the most?

What superpower would you like to possess?

What do you think should be done to minimise crimes against women and children?

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The Nativity of Christ: When Was Jesus Born?

Did a guest blog. The topic held my interest since childhood.

Learn Fun Facts

Francesco Londonio Presepe.jpg

Presepe by Francesco Londonio, circa 1750

This is a guest post by Souptik Banerjee.

The Gospel of Mathew states that the Magi (a group of wise men) spotted a new star that cropped up in the sky and used it to trace the location of the newborn Jesus in Bethlehem. They showered baby Jesus with gifts as they believed that the newborn was the “King of the Jews”. Using this proverbial star of Bethlehem as a clue, people have often tried to determine Jesus Christ’s birthday.

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Abyss of Absurdity

Sometimes, in the midst of a
young sleepless night,
intriguing questions strike me.
What if Neruda was born
somewhere in Benin?
Would he go on to write poems
or be a dressmaker?
Had Newton tried his hands
at his neighbour’s piano
and Beethoven stalked a
science teacher in his teens,
would we be left with Newton’s symphonies
and Beethoven’s laws of motion?
Had Remus outdone Romulus,
would we say
“Rem was not built in a day?”